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Vicibox V2.0 Demo Server

Interactive Reporting, WebRTC Based Web Phone, Predictive Dialing, AMD Detection, Human Detection
& many more...

Vicibox V2.0 Admin Web Panel

Vicidial new admin web panel is connected with vicidial server. if you perform add/edit/delete operations it will be directly affected on vicidial server.

    User: demo@viciboxcenter.com

Vicibox Default Admin Web Panel

    User: 466629

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The only software that smoothly spread your messsage to million of customers.

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Web Based Phone
WebRTC Based Solution

No need to for any soft/hard phones.

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Intelligent predictive dialing auto control dialing speed.

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Per Agent Bandwidth Requirements

For each agent, Vicidial requires 87 kilobits for the phone connection and 3 kilobits for the web connection for a total of 90 kilobits. To calculate how much bandwidth you need at your location, simply multiply the number of agents by 90 kilobits (Example: 20 agents x 90 kilobits gives you 1800 kilobits). To calculate how many megabits that is, simply divide the sum by 1024 (Example 1800 kilobits divided by 1024 is 1.757 megabits).

If need be, compression can be used on the agents’ phone connections which will reduced the amount of bandwidth required. However, this can reduce the audio quality for both the agent and the customer.


Why use our press 1 dialer as your automated dialer?

Press 1 Dialer helps you reach thousands of contacts automatically by saving significant time and money. It helps improve efficiency, generate efficient leads, helps in debt collection, duplicate number checking, VoIP carriers and offer multiple benefits.


Convert your leads into potentials customers

Press 1 automated dialer software solution, you can increase your sales over 200%. Agents can spend more time with talking to live prospects which leads to more sales and higher revenue gains.